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Sensual Goblets in Murano glass by Massimiliano Caldarone

Images of sensual women nestle within the soft curves of glass that forms almost ‘cages’ in which the female figure is enhanced but becomes unreachable. This is the Massimiliano Caldarone universe and the line of sensual goblets that he launched at the former Church of Santa Chiara Murano  as the glass centre on Murano.

Massimiliano is

Benvenuto Glass Technology with Soul

The discovery of glass thousands of years ago opened a revolution in products and beauty that is maintained to this day in the centres of glass art and technology. Benvenuto glass is one of those centres.

Glass is an enigma – a supercooled liquid that softens directly and then flows when you heat it. But

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Pool in Pool Renovation

So, you have a tired old pool in your home, club or apartment block. It is probably tiled and has all the signs of old age.

It costs a ‘packet’ to keep it warm enough to use and the heat just seems to get sucked into the ground, maybe warming your town. Do you call

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Revolutions in Home Comfort and Luxury

The home is the most important investment a family makes at virtually every stage of life.

In selecting or building a new home, people seek a residence that they will be proud to show their family and friends, a home that will have comfort and luxury all year round, is easy to maintain, and

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Raku and “Little Prince”

Seeing beyond things, that’s what an artist has to do with ceramics using the Raku technique. To do that needs concentration, says Giuseppe Lorenzi, while already thinking about the next work.

Distraction, however, belongs to the mass of all those living in the chaos of everyday life; beauty is increasingly ignored, it becomes invisible, because

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Passion and Belief of Origin

At Fiera di Vicenza, there was a change of direction this May, with the annual Spring gold jewellery fair being replaced by Origin Passion and Belief, a Fashion ‘Meet’.

This Fest was explained by the co-organiser, NJAL (Not Just A Label) as a meeting between 100 designers from around the world, selected by NJAL for

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Fabio Fornasier: candles in the wind

Fabio Fornasier is a master of Murano glass who has transformed the traditional Venetian chandelier into a futuristic element of elegance intended for classic and modern interiors.

Through his desire to go ‘against’ banality and mediocrity, Fabio has created the LU-Murano chandelier that has bewitched important clients around the world. One line in the latest

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The Glazing Zookeeper – creator of fine ceramic art for the Ahura Zoo

Ezio Zanardello is ‘the glazing zookeeper’ the creator, designer and manufacturer of the Ahura zoo of wild and tame animals whose common element is that they have immortality.
In Ezio’s Ahura Zoo, we find creatures great and small living in a land of giants or in lilliputia, but all sharing in peace and tranquility their shining

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Drumming up Style in Modern Furniture

Stylish modern furniture is the dream of most, but what is style?
Fabio Scapin is an artisan of stylish modern furniture, a metalworker, and a craftsman who works with metal to create high quality professional and commercial fittings.
His work exposes him to a wide range of designs and applications where metal is the skeleton or

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The poet seat, a designer chair

In the case of the architect, Massimo Marcomini, irreverence can also be seen as respect for tradition. Massimo is both an architect and a designer with Italian style provocatively combined with sensitivity. Recently he gave vent to his creativity by designing a chair and then redrawing it in a thousand different ways and putting it

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