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Stylish Sustainable Toys to grow healthier Children

Can environmental sustainability be applied to games? Let’s change the rules of the game. The aim is to contribute to the growth of respect in the child for the environment, starting from the basic tool of childhood education, that is sustainable toys.

This is the philosophy that the designer Nicola Lunardon, drawing on the experience

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A Medicean Retreat for Solar Energy Business

It is possibly an ideal site to hold an energy business event. At least for Claudia Bettiol, President of Energitismo, who was invited to present elegance in solar energy business and to introduce the Solar Sculptures and Solar Jewellery.

The town is Artimino near Carmignano in Tuscany. In the Renaissance, when the summers got too hot, when

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Amber Road

Ramune Kupsyte tells her story of amber.

When I opened the Baltic Amber Shop in the old town of Bassano del Grappa, near the Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge), the feature of Bassano that local people pride most, instinctively I realised that I had made my own “Amber Road” from Lithuania to Italy with the same

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Fiorella Rizzo on Dynamic Colour and Well-Being

What is Dynamic Colour?

Why do we feel pleasure in some ambiences while in others we feel levels of discomfort? Very often the answer is in the colour and hues of these spaces. Colours interact with us in a total way, both in the left and in the right brain.
In particular, colour can be defined

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Pop energy

The increasing gap between rich and poor will lead to the redesign of business models in the energy sector and to Pop Energy. What is Pop Energy?

It is possible to forecast a common driver that will drive both the rich and poor consumer groups to ask for new energy supply solutions: the desire for

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Bejewelled with Joy – Esaltabuchi

In Pesaro lives a fine entrepreneur, poet, humorist, gentleman and enigmatic genius, Nani, il Conte Alessandro Ferruccio Marcucci Pinoli di Valfesina, inventor of the Esaltabuchi, and his elegant and enchanting wife Paola.

Nani and Energitismo met when the search for elegant sustainable products in the Marche Region was launched through a seminar and function at

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Senses and colours – unnecessary, necessary and elegant

Senses and colours: what are needed, and what is superfluous?
Can we measure with a common meter what is necessary or unnecessary? This may be an absurd question because, perhaps, nothing is really necessary or really superfluous, but everything is useful and can become effectively essential.
Once again, Nature, helps us to rediscover the exact evaluation.

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Elegance in Red security and alarm equipment

Red is the most interesting colour as in different latitudes and longitudes of the planet it is associated with opposites of virtually everything, from joy to danger, excitement to compassion – so here learn about elegance in red.
It means danger to drive through red signals, just as, in a hospital, red reports an urgency, but in battlegrounds the Red Cross and the Red Moon mean that we have found someone who has compassion for the sick and injured.But how do we find elegance in red?

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How a masterpiece is born – Living Jewellery

The Living Jewellery documentary tells the story of the first photovoltaic necklace that is based on the life force of nature – photosynthesis. It is an object of beauty and leading edge of energy technology; but even more it is a dream and a challenge from a group of small businesses that wanted to

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Energitismo – Roots and leaves – Renaissance Analogies

Renaissance is a beautiful word: it means re-birth. The conditions for creation of a renaissance include conflict, great wealth, societal change, and technological advance. And we are at this point in the world today! These are the conditions to create something new, different and great.

The great Renaissance of 500 years ago was Italian through

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