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Coral Jewelry – elegance and refinement by Ascione

All fine jewelry have something special, but coral jewelry has something extra as it incorporates craftsmanship, history and some curiosity due to its ‘living’ nature, created by marine microorganisms.
Many stories have been woven around coral and it is always fascinating to think that maybe some of them might be true. Deepwater coral is said

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The history of Murano and fire fighting with style

Fire was the first revolution of humanity but it also has influenced many of his choices and man had to set some planning rules to counter and control fires – rules for fire fighting. Some consequences of these regulations are truly poetic!

Perhaps one of the most interesting stories of the effects of the fire

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‘Magical’ Ceramic Art: Dal Pra

On via Munari, one of the four main roads leading to the cathedral piazza in Nove, the traditional centre of ceramics in north east Italy, there is an elegant set of timber framed glass doors in the face an oldish town house.
On the left hand door is a sign ’Ceramiche Aperto’ (Ceramics Open). Ring

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Being “THE ONE”… energy marketing

Energy marketing seeks you. Are you a leader or a follower?
In social relationships, there are two main forms of human behaviour: to be a leader or to be a follower. Both are related to the role of identity. A leader forms his own identity while followers are naturally part of a broader group and

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The last Loom maker – for the art of weaving

Where can you learn the art of weaving? On the banks of Brenta river, in an old house built from pieces of brick and smoothing stones shaped by waterflows, there is a fabulous school where people can learn the secret of traditional handmade looms – especially Jacquard looms and the art of weaving.
Brenta is

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Coral Jewellery by Ascione – fit for a Queen

Following on from the French heritage of creating the finest fashion coral jewellery from coral sourced at Torre del Greco, and from the creations for ladies such as Napoleon’s sister, empresses, princesses and queens of Europe, the Ascione family has produced fine fashion accessories, integrating deep water coral, for over 150 years.

Ascione has been

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The Patch – EsaltaBuchi by Nani

Near Pesaro in Marche lives a fine entrepreneur, poet, humourist, gentleman and enigmatic genius, Nani, il Conte Alessandro-Ferruccio Marcucci Pinoli di Valfesina and his enchanting wife Paola.

Nani is master of The Hotel Alexander on the beach in Pesaro. This hotel is the epitome of the Energitismo philosophy. It is a living work of contemporary

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Photosynthesis, the Revolution of Living Jewellery

Living Jewellery takes adornment by jewellery to a new level by bringing life to the jewel using elegant biomimetic technology.

The bright coloured solar cells in Living Jewellery that produce the power for a pulsing solid state lamp are intricately connected through micro tunnels in the gold frames to transfer the power generated to an

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Beyond luxury: the true elegance of coral by Ascione

An Ascione precept: “There is always a most beautiful gemstone, but there is even more beautiful coral. Every piece is different and each has its own special charm that can be highlighted by the skill of the artist or craftsman.”

These are the words that our father passed on to his sons, who are now

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Whisky On the Rocks of precious Carrara marble

Let me tell you the story of a particular invention of an extravagant lover of whisky on the Rocks. He looks like a Scotsman but he is a Sicilian. Doc Sirio is a designer, an expert in gemology and now inventor.

What makes intuition? The word intuition means “look inside things”, knowledge is revealed in

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