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People who are doing something wonderful for the planet and its people and the evidence of their elegant work

Dining with the fine ceramics of Deruta

Anyone who loves and knows Deruta ceramics has at least one work of Deruta ceramics in his collection, and possibly a work from Sambuco Deruta pottery. The brilliance of the colors, especially the yellow, orange, “ copper green”, manganese brown and blue, make fine Deruta ceramics recognizable to every connoisseur.

Deruta lies down softly in

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Ceramic Wear of Gabry Cominale

There are women who surprise with their sweetness and others with their determination. Gabry Cominale represents both aspects and expresses her personality and being in her creations of “ceramic wear.”

Gabry started working making fashion knitwear by hand and interrupted her work when she found ceramics. Her teacher Guido Garbarino had warned that she would

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Glass Made: the charm of glass doubled

The glass creations by Glass Made excite with colour, variations of transparency, and the skill with which they are made. ‘Glass Made’ was born from the meeting of Denis and Maya.

Denis, the Italian, came across glass by chance at twenty, and learnt to love the strict lines and the care of detail. The Brazilian

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Antares: modern jewelry from Murano glass

Milanese design and Venetian tradition blend in jewelry of Murano blown glass made by Antares jeweller Fulvia Notari. Twenty six years ago, Fulvia, an architect from Milan, moved to near Venice, fell in love with Murano glass and decided to create “wearable objects”.

With love and time she came to know the characteristics of the

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Paolo Bellò at Salon Lecce 2015

Salon Lecce 2015, the 20th meeting of International Decorative Painters will be held in Lecce from 21 to 24 May. This is where the best fresco artists, emulating the great art of the renaissance, meet the carnival artists, share experiences, challenges, achievements, and techniques.

What about Lecce, why is it so interesting for artists?

Since antiquity,

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Carlotta Gabbiani – a life in the beauty of Murano glass

Carlotta Gabbiani surprises! Smiling, cheerful and yet a deep thinker and creative in her career as a designer of artistic glass and director of the family business. Already this description should be enough for one life, but then talking to her it turns out that she is also veterinarian and loves animals deeply. Incredible!


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Eva: the artist of Personalized engagement rings

Eva Franceschini is a young goldsmith of Padua who started to craft very romantic personalized engagement rings for couples wishing to avow eternal love to each other. Her idea is that every love story is unique – so it needs to be matched by a unique ring that symbolizes this special relationship. Eva’s talents

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Sensuality of Golden Silk Jewellery

By its nature, jewellery adds a touch of sensuality to a woman, but the new gold and silk jewellery (The Golden Silk Way) made by Italian designer Daniela Raccanello give particular emotions and sensuality to the wearer.

I had the privilege of being able to wear a preview of the line of jewellery and accessories

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Give me a Second Chance, AMaViS

AMaViS is so representative of the best Italian style, sharing with many other great designers and artisanal workshops birth in a rural town, hidden away from the bustle of the large cities.

AMaViS is known through the wonders of social media, word of mouth, fashion shows and web. AMaViS is very special as it combines

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The amber treasure of Juodkrante,Lithuania

In the Baltic Art Centre of Vilnius and in the museums of amber of Nida and Vilnius you can view collections of ancient and modern amber, real works of art.

The tradition of the production of human and animal figures in amber jewelry was born as early as the fourth millennium BC. by the people

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