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Conserving Nature – looking at the big picture saves species

Conserving nature is a great and worthwhile challenge. Yet, targeting threats alone won’t save our wildlife. Too often, governments and conservation organisations have only one goal for restoring populations of declining species: to reduce what they perceive as the main ‘threat’. However, this focus on ‘threat hotspots’ by nations and international conservation bodies can

Tokyo: Morioka original bookstore sells one book a week

The secret of evolution is adaptation and change, so Morioka bookseller in Tokyo has opened a new original bookstore where he sells one book at a time.

“Issatsu, isshitsu”, or “a room, a book”, is his motto that comes from reflections with a group of creative people on how to upgrade the role of bookstores

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Poetry in a wedding dress

On display at the Spanish Steps in Rome is a wedding dress, one of the most beautiful and romantic that has ever been created, a jacquard silk dress with a handwritten love poem in 129 verses.

The poem is written by hand by Antonella Pagano, one of the most incisive Italian poets who donated one

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Sculptured Gold Exclusive Chess Set

Discovering Roberto Scardella’s exclusive chess set gold finished brought to mind the tale by Lewis Carroll, ‘Through the Looking Glass’, the story of Alice and the magic chess set.

I dreamed I heard words crying out from somewhere on the chess board as a sandy beach appeared:
“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many

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How my new pendant was born …

As I related during an Energitismo event, every piece of my jewelry holds a story, born of emotions and images experienced during my travels in Africa. Here I describe briefly the story of my pendant, Nascita Beta.

During one of my most recent trips with a group of friends we decided to rent a couple

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Elegance of embroidered clothing

With the colours of Tropea (the pearl of the Mediterranean) in her heart, Lucia De Luca designs and chooses the colours for her collections of embroidered clothing. She is very popular for her ability to combine the craftsmanship of the past with the modern styles to satisfy women of ‘distinction’.

Like many girls from Calabria,

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Coral of Torre del Greco: a tradition of jewelry

Salvatore Formisano and his sisters Anna and Gemma, with love and passion drive the historic family business Coral Orafa Mediterranean, based in Torre del Greco, the cradle of the coral of Torre del Greco.

In his own words he transmitted to us his love for Italian traditions and told us how to Torrese is precisely

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Alfio Terroni: the joy of a hippy life in his bags

The story of Alfio Terroni is intriguing because of his hippy bags. Alfio Terroni began working animal skins and making carry bags when he was a “flower child” and was living in a hippy community in tents on the beaches of Jesolo, just a few years ago in the 70’s.

In the morning he produced

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“Glamour Stoles” for Elegant Women

Antonella Pagano’s ‘Glamour stoles’ combine unusual forms with harmonious colours and are personalized with love and life through poems verses written “strictly” by hand

There is a difference between fashion and style. Fashion come from other people’s choices, whereas style is something personal and linked to a specific person. Also the culture of each person

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A new silk road arrives in Brussels

Europe rewards the project “The Rebirth of the Silk Road” – the New Silk Road in Europe. The European Commission has selected its best four network projects from among the numerous applications from all over Europe. This is an important result that enhances international growth for D’Orica and the network that have commenced the

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