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Park La Selva named ‘Prince Antonello Ruffo di Calabria’

There are men who leave the deepest footprints on the ground where they softly tread and others that leave them only in the hearts. Antonello Ruffo di Calabria has changed the history of Paliano building a nature park dedicated to birds at a historical moment in which all others were building industries.

The overwhelming story

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October Pilgrimage: the medieval paths to Rome

Why do thousands of people every day walk along medieval paths to arrive at their final destination, on a pilgrimage that is not only religious?

Each walking two trips: one in the real world and one within himself. But let’s see where this story begins the ways that lead to Rome, Santiago de Compostela

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Ninfa Gardens: Medieval Kaleidoscope Park

Ninfa gardens, encompass the pristine Ninfa river that springs into the garden from the heart of the mountains, mountains on which the town of Norma is encamped.

Ninfa gardens are a relatively new life form, commenced just 95 years ago by the Caetani family on their land that stretched throughout the territory of Sermoneta. Ninfa

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Chao Lake Binhu where all the senses combine

‘A paradox, a paradox, a most ingenious paradox’ from The Pirates of Penzance could reflect the reality that is Chao Lake in Anhui, China.
Beside its vast polluted waters (Chao Lake is the 4th largest fresh water lake in China) is being constructed New Binhu (meaning ‘nearby the lake’), an ultra-modern city of apartment blocks

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