Ramune Kupsyte

Ramune Kupsyte

About Ramune Kupsyte

Lithuanian owner of amber shop in Bassano del grappa and Amber road maker every day.

The amber treasure of Juodkrante,Lithuania

In the Baltic Art Centre of Vilnius and in the museums of amber of Nida and Vilnius you can view collections of ancient and modern amber, real works of art.

The tradition of the production of human and animal figures in amber jewelry was born as early as the fourth millennium BC. by the people

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Amber Road

Ramune Kupsyte tells her story of amber.

When I opened the Baltic Amber Shop in the old town of Bassano del Grappa, near the Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge), the feature of Bassano that local people pride most, instinctively I realised that I had made my own “Amber Road” from Lithuania to Italy with the same

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