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Architect, art lover and relationship Manager of Energitismo.

How to make a successful first impression

We all want to look good when we meet someone for the first time. But how to make a good first impression? What are the tricks to use and what things should we do?
Communication effectiveness, sensitivity to others (emotional intelligence), can be both a natural gift but it is also a fascinating world to

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How to write a love letter for Valentine’s Day

You do not know what to write for your letter for Valentine’s Day? Let us help you. Here are some simple tips to make your love letter unique.
We know that you are a digital native, and that Valentine could be solved by sending an email to your loved one, but take note that love

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The most beautiful carnivals in Italy

During the month of February, in all Italian cities we celebrate Carnival (Carnevale). A riot of masks, confetti, streamers, parades and floats. A party that has ancient origins and is one of the most characteristic folk elements of this beautiful country. But what are the most beautiful carnivals to see in Italy? What are

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Marostica city of beauty and storied diplomacy

The history of Marostica is lost in the mists of time. A succession of dominions and castellans that made it so valuable the Monte Pauso and Monte Pausolino, become palimpsests of this town: a pearl of Veneto.

The sunny slopes in communication with the plain below have made the area conducive to human habitation since

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Tango is beauty

Do you know what is frightening to people more than anything? Death, illness or old age? No! just beauty!

Have you ever seen people in a museum? They usually look at the detail or at the frames but few look at the paintings and works of art, just abandoning themselves to the enjoyment of the

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Letter to Father Christmas

Do you remember when was the last time you wrote a Christmas letter ? Were you maybe nine or ten years? and then? and then you stopped believing, wanting and dreaming.
When as a child you wrote your letter to Father Christmas it gave you time to sit and think about what you really wanted

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Kamasutra: A lesson in dignity of women

The collective ideal of the Kamasutra, because of the various translations and transpositions, over time this was reduced to a periodic table of erotic element positions, namely: 64 positions (many of which are practically feasible only by athletes or gymnasts). In fact this manual contains all the knowledge of amateur alchemy art. Let’s dispel

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Tale of Tales the most modern tale

“Tale of Tales” is a film written and directed by Matteo Garrone, freely taken from the collection of three of the fairy tales “Pentamerone” by the Neapolitan Giambattista Basile.

Tale of Tales is a collection of 50 short stories written in the 1600’s that the Italian critic Benedetto Croce defined as “the oldest, the richest

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Nik Spatari and his open museum

Bold, brash, colourful, unique, harmonious, varied – are just some of the adjectives that come to mind to describe the architecture and the works of Nik Spatari, founder, along with his girlfriend Hiske Maas, of the largest open-air museum in Italy, the Museum Santa Barbara MuSaBa .

But before I tell you about his immense

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Ancient Cake with modern Glass

The cheesecake is an ancient cake, a cheese tart with its roots in time. It is thought to have been enjoyed by the athletes of the first Olympic Games in 776 BC Delos (Greece) who were fed on a cake made with pasta, cheese, honey and bay leaves.

This ancient cake tradition was later adopted

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