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Scientist and poet. He loves chemistry, wine, women and operas. We don’t know the order.

Maria Greca Surprising Special Jewelry

We are in Piazza di Pietra near the Pantheon. Yes, ancient Rome still alive in modern Rome. Dominating the square are the ten columns and façade of the Temple of Hadrian (Emperor) (Tempio di Adriano). We are seeking Maria Greca.


Each column of the temple consists of ten perfectly squared cylindrical marble stones, carved to

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200 Years since Barber of Seville premiere

So what is it that made Giovanni Paisiello so angry on 16 February 1816. For 34 years he had been lauded as the composer of a very popular opera since his Barber of Seville premiere.

Yet on this day he organised a claque to destroy the premiere of an opera by a young upstart composer who from

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Bruno Coppetta and his ‘Fine Living Trattoria’

The medieval town of Città Della Pieve a little in Umbria and a little Tuscan, has many pleasant surprises for the wanderer down its alleys onto and around its squares, into churches, through the market on Saturday. A wonderful completion of the walking tour is to walk down Via Vannucci, dodging the cars coming

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Mendelevium and a crater, memorials to Mendeleev

Mendelevium is an unstable element, number 101 on the periodic table. It is named after the Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev who is credited with the formulation of the periodic table of elements.

February 8 is not just Mardi Gras, it is Mendeleev’s 182nd birthday. The periodic table of Mendeleev was published in its first version

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Baron Hutchinson, Truly British to the Core

Jeremy Nicolas Hutchinson, Baron Hutchinson of Lullington, will celebrate completion of 101 years on this planet in about 40 days, God willing. Given his life and causes followed, probably God won’t interfere.

In any case, if the life of Jeremy Hutchinson were to be celebrated in his seat of life peerage, it would be quite

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A ‘True Blue’ Ballad of Australia

In every culture, poetry, rhymes and songs tell the story of the country, of the region, of the people. Yet except for the English bards and a very few from other cultures, French, Italian, German, not much transfers from one language, from one culture, to another. Shakespeare and Lord Byron are exceptions, where rhymes

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Herman Branover and LMMHD

It was in Australia, some time in 1987, during the period that I was providing technical consultancy in the energy field to the business interests of Joseph Gutnick, that I met Peter Kalms and was introduced through him to Professor Herman Branover.

For those who follow the Chabad Hasidic movement, the name Branover immediately brings

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Claudio Brunello: Words of Art

Until February 4, there is an experience in Vicenza that will slowly captivate you. On the upper level of the bibliophile’s friend, Libreria Galla, in the Caffe’ Galla, stands an exhibition by Claudio Brunello of a selection of his operas – words of art – from the last several years.

He chose the title ‘HAPPY’,

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Placido Domingo – a grand voice in a great man

In Australia, we did not often have the opportunity to listen live to the heroes of the operatic stage. Yes we were blessed with the return of Joan Sutherland later in her career. But, only once did I have the opportunity to hear Placido Domingo live in Australia.

It was in 1997 in Melbourne at

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Winter comes to Lazio for Benediction of Animals

It is already one month into the northern winter and today is the first time we have felt the arctic breeze, yet it is still above freezing and as I gaze out from home below Paliano to Colleferro, Segni and the high hills behind, the colour is still various shades of green – this

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