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Scientist and poet. He loves chemistry, wine, women and operas. We don’t know the order.

The amazing story teller of the Typewriter, Hebrew and Church Museums

Natale Pagano is a very special person who loves the typewriter. What makes him special?

April 21, 2016 is a special day – that has made Trani, the city capital of Puglia until Napoleon interfered, a special place. It is the day of inauguration of the Polo Museale (Museum Centre). This is the unlikely conjunction

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Searching for Beauty on a trip to Santa Scolastica Monastery

On the hillside before Subiaco  you drive up past Villa Nero, his summer hideaway of which little remains, to reach the Abbey of Santa (Saint) Scolastica, the monastery honouring the sister of Saint Benedict, and a place of natural beauty.

It is one of 12 monasteries in Subiaco founded by St. Benedict of Norcia, and

Sezze – on the edge of the Lepini

It is early April, the week of the Sagra del Carciofo (artichoke festivals) in central Italy, particularly in Lazio. On the rich soil flatlands near Latina, the temperature is an early summer 30 degrees.

We are driving to Sezze which can be seen from afar strutting the escarpment of the lower Lepini mountains to the

Ninfa Gardens: Medieval Kaleidoscope Park

Ninfa gardens, encompass the pristine Ninfa river that springs into the garden from the heart of the mountains, mountains on which the town of Norma is encamped.

Ninfa gardens are a relatively new life form, commenced just 95 years ago by the Caetani family on their land that stretched throughout the territory of Sermoneta. Ninfa

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Can an External Director Assist Small Technology Business

There is a vast difference between an SME and a large company in terms of necessary resource structure and the skills of an external director need to match the needs of the company.

An SME has a shallow management structure, normally involving family members and particularly founders or their subsequent generations, without an external

Atocha Sunken Treasure gives birth to Golden Eagle

To find sunken treasure is the dream of many a boy and buccaneer.

One man’s dream became a reality when in 1985 after 16 years searching Mel and Deo Fisher discovered, buried in the sands near the sunken wreck of the Spanish galleon ‘Atocha’ a cache of 13,500 carats of emeralds from the legendary Muzo

‘Quizling’ the Quiz Educational tool

We want the best for our children and we need to find a way to educate them without annoying them, trying new forms of ‘edutainment’ or ‘infotainment’ using quizzes such as ‘Quizling’ as a quiz educational tool.

For instance, a core part of the educational process for children virtually worldwide comprises tours, visits to museums,

Il Felcino: horseriding in Umbria

We were driving along a gravel road in the rain looking for horseriding in Umbria. We were near the conjunction between Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio, in the middle of nowhere today, but once it was the centre of the Duchy of Salci (Ducato di Salci).

We came across a narrow archway, and crenellated walls. Through

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Superb tastes of restaurants in Città della Pieve

Last time we visited the hilltop town of Citta della Pieve (town of churches), deep in Umbria, we strolled around the streets and alleys that Il Perugino walked 500 years ago. On this visit to sample the special restaurants in Città della Pieve, we stayed overnight at the Hotel Vannucci, loyal to Perugino’s given name

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What gives happiness?

I am sitting quietly in the garden searching for happiness after the late afternoon exercise with the three dogs that have somehow attached themselves to my irrelevance.

I have placed a chair on the stone path from the house to the dog kennel, drawn a 5 litre bottle of cheap Ciociarian white from the refrigerator,

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