Going up the narrow stairs that lead to the studio of Andrea Zelio, right in the middle of San Donà di Piave, you cannot imagine what you’re getting into. When the door opens, your eyes do not know where to rest between installations hanging from the ceiling, theatrical scenes, paintings, prints and books.

Andrea Zelio is an artist with a spirit of “old” in the sense that is not limited to an artistic expression but a curiosity that leads him to experience every means of communication. Talking to him is pleasant and his “story-telling” about his creations reminds one of the storytellers of the past century that went from village to village telling stories to entertain people. Stories that conceal teachings while always handing down those teachings and traditions.

Andrea Zelio, in your studio I have seen many different forms of art. Which do you prefer? How do you prefer to communicate?

The different forms have the ability to interpenetrate, to achieve completion. There is not a favorite form. I miss each form if I do not practice and this is why I feel the need to experiment always with new solutions and hyperbole. I try to represent something unreal but that might be too real, a fairy story but one that we can also find in life.

Despite this variety of expression Andrea Zelio, your personality comes out well delineated by all your work. How would you define your style?

“Saudade-chic”. I think that my creations convey an elegance that comes directly to me from the place where I was born and I live on the border of the lagoon of Venice, in an area famous for centuries for its refinement. Maybe that’s why I love Leonardo and Giorgione.

At the same time I feel a certain melancholy and the subjects I choose also carry a bit of nostalgia: like the little references to medieval jousts that are recognizable in many works or the use of charcoal in the many surreal series of “letters” or “months year “.

What is your next challenge? What are you creating?

The challenges are important and I often come directly from a client who comes to me to find something original. Right now I’m working on a children’s book, “The King of Toys” where I take care of texts and illustrations.

I’m interested in these activities to make my life more clear and rounded, I like the feeling of creating resonance with the universe, of harmonizing.

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Andrea Zelio, Veneto, artist, painter, designer, San Dona di Piave