True artists and artisans have one thing in common, while they work with different media – marble, ceramic, wood, stone, precious metals, glass. They all feel the life in the material -in Murano Glass with Soul.

They can ‘see’ and feel the body of their work shining through the raw material in their hands. Each artist is giving rebirth to the soul of the material and, for Roberto Perziano, this is a Rinascimento of glass.

With roots firmly embedded in the Murano silt – Venice, where his father Ugo fired up his glass furnace as a welcomed Murano artisan, Roberto was raised with the burning heat of the glass furnace on one side and the great creations of a master Murano artisan on the other – those pieces of Murano Glass with Soul. All it takes is to feel the soul of the glass in your hands. Roberto escaped from his destiny some 6 years ago when the family sold the glass business, then located on terra firma, but not long after the life of the fire and the sensations of working with glass drew him back.

His passion for glass needed to be expressed in a new way, not in the ’classical’ Murano tradition, and he was compelled in his Rinascimento to choose artistic jewellery to condense his talent and artisanal skill. Culture, style, elegance were all swirling in his mind as he sought to express himself on how to realise Murano Glass with Soul.

His travels had taken him to Kenya and an appreciation of the Maasai people, their beliefs and art. In Murano during his regular weekly visits, he met an old friend of his father, a now famous glass artist, Livio Seguso, who saw the pent-up talent being released in the Perziano emblematic jewellery.

“Overcoming the limits and unknowns of this material, he managed to give his best at all times in the desire to bring the expectations in his emotional world to fruition. Roberto Perziano’s rigour and mastery of technique lend his work a perfect symbiosis of compositional harmony and formal elegance.”

All art forms that become a Rinascimento combine art and technology, traditional and modern. For Roberto’s designs that realise and emulate the shields, masks and adornments of the Maasai, embedded for life in the crystal clear glass, he chose for some the most challenging of Murano’s 500 year old traditional technologies, Chalcedony glass and for others the famous reds of Murano. Yet his tools and fuels are those of today, just as the secret glass formulations of today no longer use the poisons and heavy metals that brought a short life to many glass blowers.

All the jewellery bearing the Perziano name is hand signed by the master, a guarantee that despite the encroachment of copyists into the Venetian traditions, this studio is truly authentic and in every piece of art you find the soul of the artist and of the glass.

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