Natale Pagano is a very special person who loves the typewriter. What makes him special?

April 21, 2016 is a special day – that has made Trani, the city capital of Puglia until Napoleon interfered, a special place. It is the day of inauguration of the Polo Museale (Museum Centre). This is the unlikely conjunction of the Museum of the Archdiocese of Trani-Barletta-Bisceglie-Nazareth, the Museum of the Typewriter, and the Hebrew Historical Museum in Synagogue Scolagrande also known as St. Anne. The day is also the anniversary of the founder of Energitismo, Claudia Bettiol. What do these events share in common?

One element that makes a person special is the commitment to a goal, to see its completion and to achieve the highest level of excellence possible in doing so. Natalino Pagano and his team have achieved that in the creation of the typewriter museum, one that tells the full story of the typewriter and its many variants from its creation in 1873 to the present day – through the birth, life and death of the mechanical machine that revolutionised correspondence.

In so doing he evidenced the three requisites for success – Never Give Up, Never Give Up , Never Give Up.

The second is Passion. We listened at the inauguration to Natale orate from his heart his story of joy in building this enchanting museum of technology, that he has devoted to Olivetti, an entrepreneur with whom he shares the passion of creation.

The third element is teamwork. While the master has a key role in the creation of a masterpiece, the partners in his travail are essential to its success, though not always remembered with the love and regard shown by Natalino Pagano in his inauguration speech. He shared the joy on the dais with his long time partner, Isabella, his soulmate and committed collaborator. The professionalism of the museum team in organisation, direction and management of this most successful inauguration event demonstrated the respect that the team have for their leader, something that can only occur if that respect is two way.

A fourth element of a special person is the ability to create synergy between ‘unlikely bed fellows’. On this day the dais and the guests of honour came from six walks of life, leaders in commerce, clergy, military, civil, political and judiciary, all sharing the warmth of creation of an unexpected Museum Centre, the combination of ecclesiastical museums alongside a technological museum, all creating an art form. Yet that was the ambition. The foundation established to bind these museums together is SECA (Scripturae Evolutio cum Arte).

The fifth element of the pentagon of a special person is camaraderie, the enjoyment of sharing with all moments of success, of creating a situation where people from all walks of life feel welcome, where new friends are made and new opportunities are created for collaboration, where the outcome is enhanced by the power of two or more gathered together for one aim.

Natale Pagano has already been recognised by the state of Italy as a Cavaliere for being a very special person. So what do Natale Pagano and Claudia Bettiol share? In these five elements of being a special person Natalino has condensed the vision that Claudia had when creating the mission for Energitismo – to seek out Special Persons in Special Places.