Ahura, the leading name in quality ceramics for home decor, office and hotels, presented its new model designs entitled Ahura at Salone del Mobili Internazionale di Milano (Milan Design Week) from 8th to 13th April at Fiera Milano, Rho.

Ahura, founded and nurtured by Ezio Zanardello, designs and produces the absolute top quality finely glazed ceramic decor. From fine peacocks to seated black jaguars, from penguins to crocodiles, each piece in the range is exquisite.

Ahura is a family business that was built by Ezio and his wife, Flavia. Ezio now pursues his passions in creating great ceramic art, while the business and creation of new models are directed by the second generation of Luca and Cinzia. The connecting threads are attention to the finest detail and quality. It can be said that Ahura ceramics are the ‘windows around which the house is built’. To have the pleasure to view the Ahura collection at Salone del Mobili at Fiera Milano is a treat, but none so great as to view the collection at the modern Ahura factory in Nove, carefully nurtured by Flavia. And then the most exciting experience is to visit Ezio’s museum and traditional showroom in the old factory where Ezio refurbished and installed an operating waterwheel – an engineering piece de resistance. It is to here that the international buyers seek an invitation.

So,for those who can, please visit Ezio and the Ahura team at their showroom and museum beside the Brenta river in Nove, and even those who could only visit Ahura at Salone del Mobili in Milano or wherever Ahura is showcasing its wares, must not miss the opportunity to admire and select from the examples of top ceramic decor on display.These are the grand ceramics that you will find in the foyers of the great hotels.

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