The crisis? In Chinese, the character “crisis” does not exist but only that for “opportunity”. For many it is difficult to understand, but not for a group of Ad Hoc Venetian business entrepreneurs who experience success through a new way of networking.

The group is Ad Hoc Consilia, founded five years ago by Giordano Agrizzi, a man who honestly admits that being bankrupt at the age of 30 years was fortunate so that he had the opportunity to learn from his mistakes. What Giordano learned is that when success happens by “luck”, it often wears off quickly, but real success comes only from a holistic approach, that is from the awareness of what you are doing and the pleasure of continuing to build day by day, constantly innovating.

One can be fortunate to attend a meeting of the Ad Hoc business network and it may surprise. People are calm and willing to work in a team game in a way that is not familiar to Italians! A common proverb in Germany says that an Italian is a dragon when pitted against a German, but two or more Italians are irrelevant against two Germans. Italians rarely collaborate so that what is a strength in small enterprises, becomes a weakness when small businesses need to associate and cooperate to address global markets and innovate business models.

How was it possible to achieve this? First, the membership of the Ad Hoc network is not easy, you must have a natural predisposition to be collaborative i.e. to be a team player (the prelude to any form of working together is voluntary nature and cannot be imposed). A positive approach leaves a person open to opportunities for development and assistance from others. Nevertheless, the reason people join the network is for business and it remains the main interest of the participation of entrepreneurs in this business network.

Members of the network participate in convivial meetings that allow these entrepreneurs to build and create common win-win situations and do good B2B.

An analogy: The same words can have different meanings depending on the way in which they are spoken. A poem takes on different meanings depending on how it is spoken and on the experience and expertise of the actor. So also a business collaboration depends on the attitude and experiences of the ‘actors’. Ad hoc Consilia has achieved a good balance in working with business people to build an Italian Business Lifestyle.

To understand this positive business spirit in Veneto you should attend a meeting and experience the way in which these ordinary business people relate.